Swaminarayan Sampraday , known previously as the Uddhav Sampraday, is a Hindu sect established by Swaminarayan (or Sahajanand Swami) (April 2, 1781 -June 1, 1830). Swaminarayan was handed the leadership of the Uddhav Sampraday by his guru, Ramanand Swami, to continue to propagate the teachings and philosophy of Vishishtadvaita, which originates from the Sri Sampradaya. Under the leadership of Swaminarayan, the movement gained strength and at the time of his death, there were 1.8 million followers. The organisation is based on vedic and puritic Hinduism.

Apart from traditional Hindu scriptures, the sect has more than three thousand works by its members. The most important are the Shikshapatri and the Vachanamrut.

Our Sampraday Charitra

Shree Ghanshyam As Nilkanth Varni - Vanvicharan (Penance & Pilgrimage) Soon after returning from Benares, both Ghanshyam's parents passed away. Ghanshyam then decided to leave Ayodhya for the Himalayas, to begin His work of establishing Ekantik Dharma, on 29th June 1792 (Ashadh Sud 10th, Samvat 1849). He was only eleven years old. His mendicant garb consisted of only a loin cloth. He carried an icon of Bal Mukund (the Lord) and His miniature diary containing the gist of the scriptures, the result of His studies with Dharmadev. He renounced home to embark upon a 7 year spiritual pilgrimage on foot across the length and breadth of India. Ghanshyam left His house early in the morning and started to walk towards River Saryu. There, one of the followers of Kalidut saw Ghanshyam and decided to kill Him, so he pushed Ghanshyam into the river but was unsuccessful in his attempt. After coming out of the river, Ghanshyam continued His journey in the north direction towards the Himalayas. His Members of Family Wail It was the morning and Suwashini bhabhi was the first to wake up. She had a habit of looking at the face of the beloved brother-in-law as soon as she got up, and then would start the household work. But her beloved brother-in-law could not be seen. She was afraid. The elder brother Ramapratap also suddenly got up. He said, “It seems that Ghanshyam has gone to bathe in the river so early. He will return soon.” Hours passed but Ghanshyam did not come home so Ghanshyam’s friends began to search for Him. Every nook and cranny of all the temples in the village were searched. A distant search on the riverbank was conducted. But alas, Ghanshyam could not be found anywhere. There was no limit to His elder brother’s sorrow. He wept and wailed “O Ghanshyam, come back. I promise never to scold you." Suwashinibai was turning mad due to sorrow. On seeing Ghanshyam’s shoes, cap, and cradle, she started to cry with deep sorrow. “Please come home and forgive us,” said Suwashinibai, “Without you how will our days pass?” Ghanshyam did not reply to His sister-in-law at that time. After many long years, with the wish of Shriji Maharaj, some saints arrived at the house of Suwashinibai. That is when they felt that God is very merciful. God never forgets His devotees. After a while when Nilkanth came out from dhyan, Hanumanji offered Him some fruits to eat and asked Nilkanth to allow him to live with Him for seva. But Nilkanth replied He is fine and He wanted to go alone, and if He needs Him He will call Hanumanji. For now He told Hanumanji to inform Iccharambhai about Him, to tell him that He is fine and will call them later.